PTA will continue to operate at a low level due to

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PTA will continue to operate at a low level under the influence of sales pressure

PTA futures continued to consolidate at a low level on the 20th. The main 803 contract closed up 6, and the trading volume was slightly inferior. A total of 51006 transactions and 1886 positions were increased throughout the day, which was still technically weak

crude oil futures closed slightly lower on Thursday, with intraday volatility and sluggish trading, affected by traders' closing positions at the end of the year. The settlement price of February light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 18 cents, or 0.2%, to $91.06 a barrel. ICE Futures Exchange February Brent crude oil futures contract fell 60 cents to close at $90.88 a barrel

although oil prices held most of the gains made on Wednesday, there was no decisive factor driving oil prices up or down on Thursday. Traders seem to plan to close their positions before Christmas next week. Many analysts believe that oil prices will not move out of the range of US $per barrel in the past week at the end of the year. On Wednesday, we believe that the trading volume of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange totaled 349278, the lowest level since November 23

for the state of the US economy. The Ministry of Commerce kept its second quarter economic growth forecast unchanged at 4.9%, saying that the current economic growth rate was the strongest in four years, even though the housing industry was worse than previously expected. However, the mortgage crisis continues to affect the financial industry

at present, the headquarters of LANXESS group, a polyester factory, has invested 75million euros in the polyamide 6 production equipment first imported by Antwerp, and the average production capacity is still below 60%. The average inventory of polyester products has risen to about half a month. The poor export situation and loom startup rate have reduced the terminal demand by at least 10 percentage points. In addition, traders have basically withdrawn from the speculative market, The demand for polyester products is quite weak. Pull down the loading switch positively (or inversely) and gradually increase the scale value of the speed potentiometer. In the long run, the inventory of polyester products will inevitably rise. Although the load of polyester negative metal material tensile testing machine scaffold tensile testing machine has been significantly adjusted down, it is obvious that the strength is still limited, which is not enough to curb the reversal of supply and demand and control the decline of prices. At present, the decline of polyester chips in two weeks has been more than 1000 yuan, The price of polyester products has also fallen by about 400 yuan. At present, the production of polyester filament and chip is at a loss, and polyester factories have continued to stop production under the pressure of losses. On the whole, the load of polyester devices is falling, which is difficult to reverse, and the demand for polyester raw materials is also declining

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