Pu material specially used for electric poles made

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Dow's PU material for building electric poles is widely used in the construction industry, automobile industry and metallurgical industry. Dow Chemical officially announced recently that they have successfully launched a high-performance innovative PU composite - voraforcetm TW 1100. According to the independent newspaper of the UK, the launch of u-conductive materials in this series on April 22 further enriched the product portfolio of Dow Chemical based on epoxy resin system composites

this PU material can meet the application requirements of 110 kV large composite poles and complement the current low-voltage Pu small pole products, including 10 kV. It can not only further improve the strength and toughness of cylindrical or conical transmission poles no matter what your position, but also facilitate installation and maintenance when reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10%. In such applications, compared with traditional materials and other types of resins, voraforce polyurethane system has better ductility, toughness and cracking resistance. In addition, Dow has also introduced UV Pu finishing system, which can be integrated with the winding process to form a protective layer for the rod

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