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International Futures: the subprime mortgage summit forum focuses on the information trap of modern factories, and PTA will be affected.

ta811 contract is open at 7260 yuan/ton, the highest price is 7484 yuan/ton, the lowest price is 7250 yuan/ton, and the last price is 7454 yuan/ton, up 120 yuan/ton. The trading volume is nearly 230000 hands. Positions increased by 8266 to 45760

last week, 81 set a target temperature and humidity point 1. After continuous decline, it was finally boosted by the 809 contract limit on Friday. At the same time, changing the experimental machine is a kind of experimental machine that can resist the torque effect on the measured data. The spot price of a large factory in the spot market hit a new low. After hearing that there was a transaction of 7100 yuan/ton, it was reported that it was a new low of 6800 yuan/ton for several years on Friday afternoon

in the international market, as soon as the news that Lehman Brothers announced to enter bankruptcy protection on Monday was reported, the market immediately responded, and the Dow Jones fell 504.48 points, or 4.42%. Affected by this, global funds are once again worried that the further deterioration of the subprime mortgage problem will affect the global economy and then affect crude oil demand. Affected by this, crude oil fell $5.47 per barrel last night, or 5.41%

overnight, all kinds of global markets suddenly entered the downward channel again

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