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China Petrochemical International Co., Ltd. was entrusted to conduct public bidding for the pipe valves required by Gulei petrochemical pipe valve procurement plan. It is announced today that eligible bidders are invited to sign up. 1. The bidding number of the 2.4 billion syndicated loan established by the export import bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of China is wz-b12 Project content: Gulei petrochemical pipe valve procurement plan project overview:

1 maximum experimental force (n) 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 Sinopec International Co., Ltd. is entrusted to conduct public bidding for the pipe valves required by Gulei petrochemical pipe valve procurement plan. It is announced today that eligible bidders are invited to sign up

1. Bidding No.: wz-b1

2 Project content: Gulei petrochemical pipe valve procurement plan

Project Overview: the project has been approved and the funds have been implemented

3. Name and quantity of bidding materials:

4 Delivery date and place: December 10, 2019, the construction site of rainwater lifting pump station and accident pool of Gulei refining and chemical integration project or the place designated by the buyer

5 Basic qualification requirements of the bidder:

5.1 a legal person or other organization with complete business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate who has the right to conclude contracts independently and the ability to perform contracts, has obtained a business license according to law, and the business license is in its validity period

5.2 as a general VAT taxpayer, there is no illegal record in other procurement activities in the past three years

5.3 it has the required material supply capacity and quality control measures, and the products provided in recent three years have no major quality problems in the use process

5.4 have good business reputation, sound financial and accounting system, and good financial status and market behavior. It is not in the process of having its business license revoked, its qualification revoked, business suspension for rectification, disqualification from bidding, and its property taken over, frozen, or entered into bankruptcy proceedings by the competent authority

5.5 it is not in the state of being suspended by Sinopec for breach of contract, integrity and other reasons

6. Other qualification requirements: 1 Performance requirements (provide valid supporting documents): the Seller shall provide a performance table for similar product applications. The seller (2010 ~ 2019) has the application performance of at least 20 pipe force valves (specification greater than dn1400) in China, and has at least 3 application examples of projects respectively, and has three years of stable operation experience in the domestic petrochemical industry under the same type of operating conditions (water system). All contracts and copies of contracts shall be provided with official seals; The copy of invoice is stamped with official seal; The user certificate (including the contact person of the owner and) and the seller has not informed the relevant units in the petrochemical industry in recent three years. 2. Qualification certificates (provide copies of valid certificates stamped with official seal and within the period of validity): 1. Quality management system certification. 2. Environmental management system certification. 3. Occupational health and safety management system certification. 3. Annual third-party accounting audit report and financial statements (copies provided) 1. At least one year of profit in the accounting year. 2. At least the asset liability ratio in the accounting year is not higher than 80%. The above two items need to meet 4 Response to technical conditions: 1. The bidder must fully meet all technical requirements specified in the bidding document (no deviation from ★ in the bidding document) 5 Response to commercial terms (provide letter of commitment): the bidder must promise to respond to the delivery status, delivery date and settlement terms specified in the bidding documents; In the contract execution stage, if an advance payment is applied, an advance payment guarantee in the amount corresponding to the proportion of the advance payment shall be provided. 6. Bidding subject (provide valid supporting documents): 1. Only the bidding applications of manufacturers (manufacturers) are accepted, and the bidding applications of distributors, agents or consortiums are not accepted. 2. The registered capital is more than 50million yuan (including). The above two items need to meet 7 Bidding documents: the bidding documents provided by the bidder meet the requirements of the bidding documents, and the qualification, performance and equipment capacity certificates provided by the bidder are true and effective. 8. The bidder shall provide the technical scheme of materials in this bid section according to the requirements of the bidding document. 9. The tenderer shall have the ability of independent design, manufacturing and testing. 10. The bidder shall ensure that the equipment and technology provided do not infringe the patents of others. In case of infringement, the bidder shall be fully responsible and provide a letter of commitment. 11. Those who have unsuccessful application performance in the petrochemical industry in recent 5 years, resulting in the normal production and operation of the device, will be rejected

7. Meet other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations

8. See the bidding documents for detailed requirements

9. This bidding accepts the application of manufacturers (manufacturers), and does not accept the bidding of agents or distributors

10. consortium bidding is not accepted in this bidding

11. bid evaluation method: the lowest evaluated bid price method

12. cost of bidding documents: the cost of bidding documents is 1000.00 yuan, which is purchased in the way of above payment, and the bidding documents are non refundable after sale

13. sale time of bidding documents: from 8:00 on September 6, 2019 to 16:00 on September 16, 2019 (Beijing time, the same below)

14. selling method of bidding documents: the bidding documents are purchased on the Internet. The applicant registers on the electronic bidding and tendering trading platform for Sinopec materials () and fills in the basic information (the basic information includes business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc.), After passing the basic information review, obtain the user name and password and log in to the platform (if there is a user name and password on the Sinopec materials E-bidding trading platform or the Sinopec materials procurement e-commerce platform, you can log in directly), pay for the bidding documents, and then download the bidding documents

15. place of submission of tender documents: upload encrypted electronic tender documents to the electronic bidding and tendering trading platform of Sinopec materials. The unencrypted electronic tender document shall be stored in USB flash disk, sealed separately with an envelope, and submitted together with the paper tender document to the bid opening place: the bidding hall on the 21st floor, building a, international financial services center, No. 268 Min'an East Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo. Among them, electronic bidding documents are produced by Sinopec electronic bidding document production tool. After production, the production tool automatically generates encrypted electronic bidding documents and unencrypted electronic bidding documents. The paper version of the bidding documents is the written printed version of the electronic bidding documents (the first page of the paper version of the bidding documents is stamped with the company's official seal)

16. deadline for bidding: 09:00, September 30, 2019

17. time of bid opening: 09:00 on September 30, 2019

place of bid opening: bidding hall, floor 21, building a, international financial service center, No. 268, Min'an East Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo. The bid documents mailed will not be accepted

18. Media of announcement: this announcement is issued simultaneously on China procurement and bidding, Sinopec materials E-bidding trading platform (), and Sinopec materials procurement e-commerce platform (), and the amendments and supplements of this announcement are issued simultaneously on the above media

19. If you have any questions about this bidding, please contact Wang Shuyi (please send an email if the material testing machine classification is not answered) before 09:00 on September 30, 2019. For technical consultation, please contact Chen Zhen, who will double the reward standard on the basis of the original subsidy (for technical inquiries, please contact by letter or fax)

20. other important requirements: none

21. bidding instructions: (1) this bid is an electronic CA bid, and the electronic U-Key is required for signature and encryption when making the bid. If you are participating in the electronic bid for the first time, please purchase (consult) from the station as soon as possible. (2) The bid fee must be paid (personal account can be used), and other methods of payment are not acceptable. Once the tender is sold, the tender fee will not be refunded. Please consider carefully before paying. If the bidding project contains the word "(re bidding)", it is a re bidding project. The bidder who participated in the first bidding can be exempted from paying the bid fee, and the system will pop up the corresponding prompt. The bid fee invoice is an electronic invoice. The bidder's unit name will be issued, and the financial department will automatically send it to the mailbox reserved by the bidder. (3) Please inquire or about the system of fee payment. Please inquire about the download of bidding documents and other system operations, station pages and other issues. (4) After downloading the bidding document, the bidder must first carefully read the "special instructions for electronic bidding and electronic invoice operation manual". If the bidding contact cannot be connected, please send an email to contact wzwsy@ and provide the bidding number and company name for email consultation

22. contact information:

bidding consultation:

contact person:

Wang Shuyi (please send an email if no one answers on the landline)




technical consultation:

contact person: Chen Zhen



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